7 Figure Real Estate Investor Reveals His Secret Deal Source for ANY ECONOMY

Discover the “Golden Goose” of Real Estate Leads That Provides All the High-Equity Deals You Can Handle WITHOUT Requiring Any Marketing or Talking to Home Owners.

  • A lead source so valuable that it provide deals at 20% to 40% of value.
  • A lead source so reliable that it works during bad, good, and flat economies.
  • A lead source so lucrative it can create enough passive cashflow in the next 5 years to cover 100% of your lifestyle.

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You will get the same tool that Corey uses that shows anyone precisely what they need to do in coming years to be financially FREE.

Corey Taylor

CEO, iWealthRE

From Marine Corps Captain to trainer of real estate super-investors: about your Masterclass coach.

This former U.S. Marine Corps Captain and current real estate trainer learned a hugely valuable lesson from the 2008 crash and developed a system that allows full or part-time investors to achieve huge success in ANY economy. If the economy goes south, it’s actually even better.

In this FREE Masterclass Corey will share the exciting details.

With business partner Tom DiAgostino, Corey discovered a consistently reliable source of properties for 20-40 cents on the dollar – and in some cases, even less. It’s been the focus of his efforts ever since.

Using this system, Corey has acquired more than 250 properties for himself and others. This system, which provides a virtually endless stream of deals, has proven successful in every market. What’s more, it eliminates the marketing and sales hassles – as well as the high costs – associated with traditional systems.

This Masterclass will show you how to obtain real estate at prices that provide high equity and cash flow to achieve your financial goals.

Andre Hawkins
Through this source, I ended up with 900k in equity and cashflow in first 6 mos!
Peter Conti
This Source is my Favorite for High Equity Residential Deals.
Mike Schafer
Through this source I’m in for $20k total, going on market for $80k each!

The Lead/Deal Source Perfect for Beginner Investors and Used By Professional Investors

This FREE Masterclass is ideal for:

Struggling New Investors

Get out of the costly marketing business and in the successful investing business.

Risk-Averse Investors

Avoid the roller-coaster ride and use a system that works great in EVERY market

Experienced Investors

Dramatically grow your deal volume and equity while gaining reliable cash flow.

Impatient Investors

Quickly go from not having enough deals to having more than you can handle.

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