Former Marine Officer Reveals His Best Underground Deal Source for TODAY’S ECONOMY

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  • A trillion dollar source of leads containing real estate deals you can buy at 20% to 40% of value.
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This former U.S. Marine Corps Captain and current real estate trainer learned a hugely valuable lesson from the 2008 crash and developed a system that allows full or part-time investors to achieve huge success in ANY economy. If the economy goes south, it’s actually even better.


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Corey Taylor

CEO, Fidelis Wealth Builders

From Marine Corps Captain to trainer of real estate super-investors: about your Masterclass coach.


Corey Taylor is a successful real estate entrepreneur, financial counselor, and investment trainer. As a U.S. Marine Corps Captain, this Naval Academy graduate became motivated to obtain financial freedom through real estate.

After building an investment business part-time while serving his country, Corey departed the Marine Corps in 2004 and became a full-time investor. He soon racked up more than 100 transactions involving rehabbing, wholesaling, short selling, lease options, owner financing, note selling, and self-directed IRAs. He also managed millions of dollars in private money.

Then, in 2008, Corey experienced his first taste of failure during the market crash. He began searching for a bulletproof real estate investment system: one that could do very well in any economy. Corey discovered a consistently reliable source of properties for 20-40 cents on the dollar – and in some cases, even less. It’s been the focus of his efforts ever since.

Using this system, Corey has acquired more than 250 properties for himself and others. This system, which provides a virtually endless stream of deals, has proven successful in every market. What’s more, it eliminates the marketing and sales hassles – as well as the high costs – associated with traditional systems.

Corey has helped train thousands of students on tapping into this veritable ocean of extremely low-cost deals. Investors can employ this system on a part- or full-time basis. It fits easily into one’s existing work schedule and requires little money to start. It’s ideal for people who want to quickly achieve financial freedom.

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