RE Market Memo

In 10 minutes you’ll be the smartest person in the room on the real estate market so you can avoid pain and maximize profit.

Welcome to the Fidelis Wealth Builders’ RE Market Memo!

There is a lot of noise out there in the form of opinions by people who don’t know the numbers.

We want you to be educated and make good decisions, so we’ve narrowed down a couple of reliable sources of information that will help you be the smartest person in the room on the RE market.

On this page, you can see key numbers and the trends for inventory, median price, the current mortgage interest rate, bank REO activity, annual population trends, etc…

National Trends

It’s very important to understand Real Estate investing is about LOCAL markets.  Some can be going up, while others are going down.  Sources like help dive into local statistics. However, understanding the national trend is helpful to know what general direction things are going.

(Local Market data (zip code) will be available to Fidelis Members soon!)

Fidelis’ Take:

The bank failings so far were banks that invested in things that “normal” banks don’t invest in.

Their investments were susceptible to damage if rates increased. Which they obviously did.

The Feds are now deciding they will 100% backstop deposits of some banks but not all. Please don’t support that approach.

In free markets, the government either helps all or none. It would be “favoritism” to bail some and not others, i.e., the big but not the small.

We’ll see how it plays out, though.

Either way I don’t see how it is affecting RE right now. Buying for cashflow is still our focus.

When rates went up, so did our asset values.

I love that, and you should too.

Would love to help you do that if you want to do it together with my team.

Thanks, and happy investing! 

We like Altos and Attom for national market data

(but still rely most on HousingAlerts for local metrics).
Altos March 20, 2023 update.

Another great resource for RE data and trends is Joe Manausa Real Estate. Here is his recent video on Home Affordability.

More National Data Points To Follow

United States Total Housing Inventory

Mar 14, 2023

United States Single Family Home Prices

Mar 20, 2023

US Historical Foreclosure Activity and Rates

Source: ATTOM

United States MBA 30-Yr Mortgage Rate

Buy Where the People are Going

Where Counties are Growing[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

Top Ten Growing States

Top Ten Declining States

Longer Term Projection

December 27, 2022


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