New or Seasoned Real Estate Investors –

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With 20 Years of Experience, and over 1,000 deals done, We’re So Confident In This Model Our Investment Team will..

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*** Lack of Purchase Funding is NOT a Problem! ***

(I talk about it in the video below)

If You’re Tired of the Hamster Wheel and Want to Start Getting Deals to ACCELERATE Your Way to the Financial Dreams You Thought Real Estate Would Achieve…

Then You Really Want to Check This Out.

Press Play on image below and check speaker volume (40min)

Q & A  – Some Questions You May Have.

Q: The title says 12 month program the video says 6 months, which is it. 

A: This was just to see if you were paying attention, j/k.  We expanded the program to 12mos to add even more value, and we just haven’t gotten around to updating the video yet. We’re really busy buying property 😉

Q: How Much Money do I Need?

A: You need enough to join the program.  In the video I describe scenarios where you don’t need any more money to start locking down deals.  If you have some down payment money, you’ll do even better. But don’t let funding stop you. When you can find DEALS, you’ll have all the money you want available to you. Horse = Deals… Cart = Funding.   Horse before Cart.

Q: Where are we buying?

A: We buy deal in good markets. We’d love to talk about that on the call together so we can explain how it works.  Don’t worry, we cover how to get properties monetized no matter where they are.

Q: Will I actually get deals? 

A:  The iAccelerate agreement has a guarantee clause that explains the details. The bottom line is for a limited time only – if you do your part, you either make double your money in the program or you get your money back.

March 2022 Group –  SOLD OUT

Opportunity to schedule a call ends March 1, 2022



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