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At Fidelis Wealth Builders you’ll learn Real Estate investing from Professionals who know what they’re doing because they’re in the business every single day.

Why settle for training and investment tools from anything less than the best?

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These are the best, most actionable wealth-building training products on the planet.


Get all the Motivated Leads you can handle from Corey’s FAVORITE source of reliable, super-huge discount deals!

Research Assistant

Researching bulk properties for auctions has never been easier!  This excel-based automation software will mine the gold.


Learn how to get a virtual dream team to help you get out of your own way, get investing done faster and make more money.


Learn how to professionally use private money sources to stay safe and accelerate cashflow.


Learn how to choose locations, analyze market trends, and calculate profits.


Learn how to properly renovate properties for rental or retail, and not go crazy over contractors.


Attend this immersive 2-day workshop to get practice in the training and transform into a      real estate Investor Pro!


Let Corey’s team invest FOR YOU, or if you want to see the investing process in action then join him on the road and at the auction.


Ever feel like you’re struggling to make progress? All achievers have advisors.  Let iAccelerate push you to new heights.